Super Fluffy Asiago Gluten Free Bagels


Super Fluffy Asiago Gluten Free Bagels

7 Sep , 2014  

More gluten free bread! This time, gluten free bagels, but not chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside New York bagels. It’s not like I really take that much pride in being from New York. It’s just that … it’s what I know. You know? And even though contrary to popular belief we don’t really have a ton of great pizza in New York (well, we do in my house, but youknowwhatImean), we do have great bagels. Even just a couple hours away in other cities in the northeast, like Philly, they just don’t know how to make a bagel. Mostly, they make rolls with holes. but a roll with a hole does not a bagel make. The first rule of bagel-making (gluten free bagels or not) is that you gotta boil the bagel. If it isn’t boiled first, it’s just not a bagel. Full stop.

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