Spicy Thai Tofu and Green Beans (gluten free)


Spicy Thai Tofu and Green Beans (gluten free)

15 Aug , 2014  

This is a very close approximation of pad prik king (pad prig king… however you wanna spell it…) which is a dish that I love.  When Jeremy and I go to the Thai restaurants around us, it’s a safe bet that this dish is at least on my short list of things I’ll order.  I’d never made it before but I found a lot of delicious recipes on Thai Table.  I adapted their Green Beans and Shrimp to make my recipe.  (The pad prik king I get when we go out has kaffir lime leaves in it.  I didn’t have any so I used actual lime for a little citrus flavor.  Not quite the same, but delicious!)

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