Light Salmon Salad Sandwiches with Dill (gluten free)


Light Salmon Salad Sandwiches with Dill (gluten free)

9 Sep , 2014  

Up those lunch box omega 3s by swapping old-school chicken salad for these salmon salad sandwiches. Made with wild canned salmon and spiked with dill, Dijon, onion, and optionally capers, this healthy light meal is accessible  year round.

What makes these salmon salad sandwiches so nutritious?

  • Alaska canned pink salmon has four times the omega-3s EPA and DHA, and 12 times the vitamin D as many popular canned meats and fish. A serving also comes close to meeting the RDA for selenium.
  • Traditional pack canned salmon contains skin and delicate, edible bones that are rich in dairy-free calcium and magnesium. Pressure-cooked in the can, they are so soft they can be easily blended into the salmon, adding extra nutrients and flavor.

Be sure to make these salmon salad sandwiches with wild salmon for the most health benefits. My favorite canned brand is Pure Alaska Salmon Co – I’ve met the owners / fisherman in person and they are amazing people who truly care about fishing methods and salmon quality. Note that their pink salmon has a light color and mild flavor, while red salmon (or sockeye) has a richer, more intense flavor and color.

This recipe was shared with us by Alaska seafood. They have tons of great fish info on their website and more recipes, though not all are dairy free.

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