Lentil salad with tomatoes, zucchini and arugula (Gluten Free)


Lentil salad with tomatoes, zucchini and arugula (Gluten Free)

25 Jul , 2014  

Summer always comes late to Southern California, but that seemed to be particularly true this year, as the cloudy gray days of June gloom stretched well into August for many areas. There was a good side, to be sure, but what we gained by not having to turn on the air conditioner was offset by the sorry state of our tomatoes.

In my garden, except for some precocious Sweet 100s, nothing became ripe until about a week ago. Then wham! all of a sudden, everything ripened at once. As a result, I am now swimming in tomatoes.

I’ve got more ripe Brandywines, Pink Cherokees and Black Krims than I can count. And every day seems a challenge to find yet one more way to use them up. Because this summer heat spell can’t last. I figure we’ve got probably until the middle of October to enjoy these tomatoes before the sun starts to fade and the fruit starts to shrivel.

So, in honor of this hurry-up harvest, here is a month’s worth of ideas for using tomatoes, plus a couple of full recipes to get you started.

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