Gluten free Vietnamese beef salad


Gluten free Vietnamese beef salad

18 Jul , 2014  

This  gluten-free salad delivers more than meets the eye – the flavours are well and truly amazing! And yet it’s such a light, fresh meal, you won’t be left feeling heavy and lousy – even if you stuff yourself, which is easy to do as it’s so delicious! The trick to the dressing/marinade is getting the right balance of hot (chilli) salty (fish sauce) sweet (sugar) and sour (lime). So once you’ve made the dressing, play around with adding more of these things, so they balance each other out and it tastes great. The salad ingredients are flexible – use whatever you can find and you like, always try to get some nice colour and texture variations going on and you’ll be grand! It’s a great way to make a little steak feed a whole family, too.

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