Dreamy Papaya Mango Milkshake with Fresh Raspberry Puree (gluten free)


Dreamy Papaya Mango Milkshake with Fresh Raspberry Puree (gluten free)

13 Aug , 2014  

The dreaminess comes into play when you consider that this papaya mango milkshake is much lighter in fat, far lower in added sugars, and richer in nutrition than your average creamy beverage. AND it is a true sweet indulgence that is so tasty and fits nearly any type of diet.

This papaya mango milkshake was inspired by a beautiful summer gift I received from Melissa’s Produce. The fruitful bounty (yes, they ship farm fresh and organic produce across the U.S.!!) included three tree-ripened and organic mangoes and one beautiful, tender papaya, an ingredient that I had yet to use in a recipe. I admit that papaya on its own, doesn’t really dazzle me. But it marries into an amazing chilled treat when blended with mango, vanilla, and coconut cream.

I opted to blend half of the quick coconut whip into the mango milkshake, and use the rest for layering with the fresh raspberry puree. Since it is a really thick shake, the layers make for an amazing spoonable healthy dessert or snack.

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