Chicken and toasted rice larb


Chicken and Toasted Rice Larb (Tip to Make Gluten Free)

6 Jul , 2014  

“This is a spicy, crunchy minced-meat filling, wrapped in a fresh, crisp salad leaf. The fragrant contrast of texture and flavour in this Thai salad makes it the kind of food I will never tire of.”

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Many dishes, including Thai food or other Asian food, can be made gluten free. This particular recipe isn’t categorized as gluten free because of the fish sauce involved. But all you have to do it to make the fish sauce yourself.

Yes, it does take quite some time to make your own fish sauce, but since Thai, Veitnamese, Indonesian, Burmese and other South Asian cuisines call for fish sauce, once you have some made, you can use it for a long time.

>>Read more on about how to make gluten free fish sauce.


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